How to play local files (from itunes) Windows Desktop


How to play local files (from itunes) Windows Desktop


I have read dozens of posts from 2012 onwards and tried many solutions but non of them work for me

I have my itunes playlists visible in Spotify and have 2 different cases

1. The song artist and album is greyed out. A right mouse click gives a menu with the last option "Open containing folder" which will show the correct local file

    The song will not play (MP3 or M4A)  (all play fine in itunes etc)

2. Some songs show the artist and album in white. A different menu appears on right mouse click (the normal Spotify options)

Curiously if I click the play icon (just before the song name) 

   once - nothing happens

   a second time - the song I am currently playing pauses. I can resume it in exactly the same place. 


The songs showiing in white can be found in Spotify (eg by clicking on album or artist) and can then be played (presumably from Spotify - not a using a local file)


So it appears that no local files will play. Some local files are known by Spotify and show in white others are not and show in grey.


Any help appreciated.

I have latest Windows 10 Pro 64 bit on new laptop Intel core i7 with 8Gb RAM

latest Spotify, itunes selected in local files

latest itunes 64 bit

latest quicktime (no longer supported according to Apple)




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Hey, thanks for posting in the Spotify Community. 


First of all, can you take a look at the menu on the left. Under Your music and Local Files, is it showing any songs there? If not, go to your Settings, there is a point local files. Hit ADD A SOURCE and add the folder where the files of your playlist are located. Check if this helps. If not let me know.