I am reaching the end of my limit


I am reaching the end of my limit

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I have a spotify account that I signed up with through Facebook. I was ready to go Premium but it wouldnt let me dissconnect it from my Facebook. So I made a new one via my email address.


The account signed up via Facebook has a user name of 12152603062

The one via email is devilcityangel


Whenever I sign in via Facebook it goes right to the devilcityangel account. Whenever I sign in via email it goes to the devilcityangel account so I cant even delete my other one and why is it logging in via Facebook???? Spotify is not user friendly. Customer service is terrible. Fix this NOW or I will go Premium via Google plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: I am reaching the end of my limit

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Sounds like you have merged your account, which will make your Facebook created account inaccessible. Have you got in touch with customer services via the contact form?

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