I can reliably log in, but then it always says i'm offline

I can reliably log in, but then it always says i'm offline





Operating System

Windows 10


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I can log in fine, and log out and log in again, so I know I am not having connection issues or firewall issues, but the app just constantly says "offline". If i'm offline how am I logging in? I can only play music I have locally. I tried restarting, reinstalling, nothing changed. I tried toggling Offline Mode in case it was stuck but it didn't change anything. 

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Hey there @wasted_username,


Thanks for reaching out to us. 


To the steps you've tried so far, we can suggest a few more. If you haven't downloaded the app from the Microsoft store, you can try that. You can also try with another network. Do you get the same error, when you open the web player?


You can always send us a screenshot of what you are seeing. We'll investigate this further.


Keep us posted! If you have questions, you know where to find us.

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