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I can't login and use Spotify.


I can't login and use Spotify.


I recently re-installed my computer, and started using Windows XP instead of Vista.
But I can't login on spotify, I dont have any Virus programs with firewall against spotify etc.

Please help.

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Same problem with me, Friewall may be blocking my account - error code (101) etc, tried logging into facebook and playing spotify through the music tab but that didn't work. Neither did re-installing. Meh


I have the same problem. What was the reason in your case? How did you solve the problem?

When I logg in with another computer, there is no problem.

I have exactly the same problem. Have you solved the problem? When you did, how did you solve the problem?

Only on my laptop at home it's not possible to login. On another computer there is no problem.

Same here 😞

Hi, I just made a new spotify account last week, and I wanted to log on today but it says that my password is incorrect. So I pressed forgot password and they sent me an e-mail to reset my password but the email reads "You have been logged out for security reasons, please click the reset link in the email you received again to continue".So I sent an e-mail to customer service, but they have not replied yet. I have tried several times using the link, and trying again but it still doesn't work! This is very frustrating.Can anyone help me please?!? My username is: Sadighim 

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Same issues with everyone else. Tried EVERYTHING! IT says firewall NOT blocking it. I am depressed without Spotify 🙂 or 😞


i ca'nt use spotify on my iphone or xbox!

i used the same password as login into the web browser and it is nor working.


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