Is Spotify limiting song volume?


Is Spotify limiting song volume?


Is Spotify limiting song volumes?


As I slide the Sppotify volume slider, the volume changes accordingly, but when I put it like on 30% or so, the volume slowly rises. You can hear the change but not see the slider moving.


Also, when I slide it back to 100% the volume goes up BUT then dials down a bit like a limitter. For example if there is a hard hitting snare drum on the track the volume changes a bit and really seems to limit the songs dynamic range.


I'm hating this right now. It takes the edge off from any song. I really would like to control the volume my own way.


Is this a user error? What am I doing wrong? I have ticked and unticked the "Play volume on the same level..." No help.


W7, HP Elitebook 820. ALso updated sound drivers. No help.


Is there anyone experiencing the same? Please help. I am desperate.

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Re: Is Spotify limiting song volume?


In pre-1.0.1 versions of Spotify, there's a setting you can check that says something like "Normalize Volume for all tracks", you'd want to turn that off. This setting is gone in 1.0.1 apparently.


It's also possible your computer might have some software installed that does the same thing for all audio.


Re: Is Spotify limiting song volume?

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Just reinstall spotify and you get the older version, go to settings and disable the "Set the same level for all tracks". Then just wait for the update, and it stays off.


If not, open file explorer and go to %appdata%/Spotify/Users/, select your username folder and add "audio.normalize_v2=false" (or change it from true to false if already exists) in the pref file. You can open that file in notepad.