Issues Logging with desktop application


Issues Logging with desktop application


Hi I am having issues logging into my spotify account on my desktop app only.

The problem originally started when I accidentally keyed in ctrl+shift+w in spotify instead of in my web browser, which logged me out. I tried to login with facebook like I normally do, but I was unable to (I get the error screen I attached below). I then was able to login by inputting my facebook email + password, but when I logged in I was automatically set to offline with error code 4. This morning I tried to fix this by removing and redownloading spotify, but this actually just made it worse. I am now no longer able to connect via facebook or normal login (I get error code 412). I've been using spotify for 5+ years and I would really hate to stop using because I'm unable to use the app on my desktop.


Some further info: I am able to login to spotify with facebook on my web browser on the same computer and login with facebook on my phone which is connected to the same network. Essentially I am able to connect with facebook and normal password through every means except the spotify desktop application on my desktop.

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@Flipstar1 hey there, sorry to hear that, and thanks for your patience,


  • first i'd suggest you uninstall the app, restart your device(s) and then re-install.
  • next, you can sign out of all devices here.
  • clear the cache for the app.
  • i would suggest a fresh re-install of flash which you can do here.
  • check your firewall settings to see if spotify is blocked - turning off your antivirus briefly can isolate that issue.
  • try listening on a different device to see if the same problem occurs.

let me know if that helps!