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Issues with Uninstalling Spotify in Windows 7

Issues with Uninstalling Spotify in Windows 7

I installed Spotify on my Windows 7 Pro 64 bit desktop 4 months ago.  Went to uninstall it and had issues doing so, like many other Windows users.


As a software tester myself, ISO certified, I feel a duty to report a flaw in Spotify, in that the application will not uninstall properly, or at all, under Windows 7 and possibly Windows 10. Many users are reporting this.


All Windows applications are required by design to install and uninstall properly, as part of Windows design standards.


I was able to finally uninstall Spotify fully by installing the freeware application, REVO UNINSTALLER 2.0, available on CNET Downloads website.  This application functions like the Windows Uninstall utility but was able to completely scan and remove Spotify.


During the REVO Uninstaller removal, even after running the Windows uninstaller previously, their application found some 23 Windows registry keys, and over 3300 files in multiple folders still remaining. I posted about this solution previously and shared a screen shot, but that posting has gone missing.


Spotify Dev QC should model this problem on a test box, then load REVO and check my results.  Those results can be used to patch the current code to fix this uninstall issue, that is negatively impacting so many users.





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True. Spotify does not locate in C:\Program Files- Spotify app data exists here:


I have no problem install/uninstalling Spotify running Windows 10- For users running Windows 7 on desktop, guess there is a problem for Windows Uninstaller to recognize Spotify Appdata location. 


Hope Spotify make improvements on this part 🙂

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