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Joe Rogan Podcast - not working on web browser or windows app


Joe Rogan Podcast - not working on web browser or windows app







Web browser and Windows desktop app

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Hello every time I click play it doesn't work, then it says we can't play this video. However i am able to play joe rogan experience in my  iphone.

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It is a bit obscene that everything else on Spotify functions while I have my VPN on, including other podcasts, but not JRE.  Not only that, but the advertisements that interrupt the podcast are also unacceptable.  I pay for Spotify premium for the express purpose of not having to hear any ads.  

I've attempted an install and reinstall of the spotify desktop application and I find it to be extremely buggy. It very often will entirely stop working if I pause or try to go back or forward 10/15s, it's also extremely delayed.


I find it very frustrating that Spotify has an exclusivity deal with Joe Rogan but their player is worse than any player I've experienced on the web.

Stop giving us all these suggestions how to fix it on our end - the app itself is buggy, and it's because of the obnoxious as **bleep** ads that are only on JRE. They make it impossible to skip back and forth 15 seconds, oftentimes when I try to do this, the podcast will just freeze, or the video will disappear, or go back to the very beginning, or start playing 3 ads in a row AGAIN

Having the same problem, except I am using Cloudflare's WARP add-on (similar to VPN). I don't understand why this is happening only to the JRE podcast and no other streams/feeds.

I use no vpn, no proxy, nothing out of the ordinary like that. I'm in chrome with no extensions/addons, and I still can't play the podcast. Just tells me something went wrong when I try to queue it and if I try to play it directly, nothing happens except a 403 request with a command rejected error message.

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