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Account:  Premium

Laptop:  Windows 10

Software version: (Windows Store version)

Echo:      Amazon Echo Dot


I had an issue recently where Spotify would not start up when launched.  It would keep closing just before it finally displayed the home Spotify screen.  I uninstalled Spotify, rebooted my laptop and then installed the latest version of Spotify.


Now almost everything is working great for Spotify Connect.  I can play Spotify music on my laptop and play it from my Echo's speakers.  I can skip forward and back but I cannot control the volume of the echo from my laptop anymore.


When I do the keyboard shortcuts for the skip forward/back the song that is playing is displayed in the top left of the screen like before along with the volume indicator.  When I do the keyboard shortcut to raise/lower the volume, the only volume that changes is my laptop speaker volume (which is not in use as music is playing on the echo).


I have tried to change volume from the Windows 10 taskbar (the speaker icon used to have a drop-down box to choose the Echo, but no more) but it only lists my laptop speaker now.  If I connect headphones, the drop-down box will then list the headphones while they are connected.


I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get this feature working again.


I know it's not via Bluetooth as I attached the echo that way and that simply redirects my laptop system sounds/speakers output to the echo, which is not what I want.


What the duck am I missing??

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