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Hello. I'm old Last.FM user and I loved the scrobbling option and the connection between Spotify and My issue is that when I'm listening to songs in Desktop app it just doesn't scrobble songs to

Not having problems while using my mobile phone (Xiaomi Mi A1) or using Web player.. the only source that doesn't scrobble to is desktop client.. any idea why? I think It was working fine before.. THanks


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Hi Belquerst, 

Did you connect your Spotify account with your account? 


Screenshot 2018-11-03 at 16.36.49.png


Of course I do, already said that scrobbling from Web player and mobile works good..




I'm having the exact same problem.

On desktop client scrobbling has not worked at all for few days. I also have linked my account to Discord, where playing song on Spotify are displayed as status, and that is also not working when I'm listening to music with desktop client. Both scrobbling and displaying song as Discord status work fine with Spotify's android app (Oneplus 3, android 8.0.0) and web player.


What I tried to do:

  • Reinstall Spotify.
  • Disconnect my account from and connect it again.
  • Turn on and off private session.
  • Use different internet connection.

None of the above mentioned worked.


What I think is causing this:

I'm just guessing, but since the problem is not only limited to scrobbling but is also apparent with displaying played songs as Discords status message, both of which use same method of getting information, I feel like the problem is somehow related to Spotify's desktop app and Spotify's API not working well together for some reason.


OS Windows 10

Spotify desktop version


Additional information about issue:

If I play some music from Spotify's web player on my phone the following devices are visible:


There should also be Spotify's desktop client that I have open, but it is not. When I'm listening to web client or mobile client desktop doesn't find these devices even if they are connected to the same WiFi, but instead shows the following (TV is not always visible):


Same also happens vice versa, so when I'm listening to music on Spotify's desktop client other devises don't find desktop from "Connect to device".



I dont know whether these have any correlation to issue in hand, but here is some additional info about my system:

OS: Windows 10 Pro, version 1803.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 1700x.


What I also tried:

  • When I reinstalled Spotify to my PC I also deleted all chache files etc from "AppData".
  • I tested Windows store version of Spotifys desktop client.
  • Used VPN.

^ None of these fixed the problem.


If there is any more information needed about my system etc I'm happy to provide it. Hopefully this problem can be fixed soon - it's really really annoying 😓



Getting exactly the same, and it appears to have happened around the same time.


I haven't tried reinstalling the desktop client yet, but have tried disconnecting the scrobble ability and reconnecting. Also tried logging out and back into the main Spotify client.


I would agree, seems to be a communication problem with the Spotify API. A few days ago I could see my listening reflected in in real-time, now I can't. And I haven't changed anything my end. Definitely frustrating.


Also on Windows 10

Spotify Version -


Update: scrobbling and and rest of the things that were not working before have been working fine for about 2 days from me. I didn't post here earlier just because I wanted to make sure that everything is working fine even after many restarts.


What I did:

Nothing different from what I described in my earlier posts.

I just:

  1. Uninstalled Spotify.
  2. Searched Spotify from AppData main folder and deleted all the files that the search found.
  3. Installed Spotify again.

After these three steps I opened Spotify and everything was working fine. Only thing that I did differently when I opened Spotify after installing it again was that I listened to few song before changing apps language from Finnish to English.


I will post here again if this issue comes back.

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