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Local Files Randomly Become Unavailable

Local Files Randomly Become Unavailable

I've had this problem in the past but it has been happening a lot more this week. I have some folders with .mp3s in them and I've been playing them just fine for months now with Spotify, but sometimes they will become unavailable randomly when I open up Spotify. Sometimes a restart of the program will fix it but some files are just permanently unavailable when they played just fine the day before. Sometimes just making a copy of the .mp3 in the folder fixes it or I have to delete and re-add my entire music folder to get my local files to show up.

-All files are .mp3s
-The files have never been moved, so that's not the issue
-The files have been played before in Spotify
-The artists don't exist on Spotify, so there isn't an issue of mix up between a local file and a Spotify one

I've been a premium subscriber for years now and, while I love the program, it hasn't been great with local files.

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Had this issue more than once already, fixed it by uninstalling installing etc, usual stuff. Eventually it came back up again and I can't be bothered with having to do this almost on a weekly basis.


Unsubscribed until they fix this, either with some sort of cloud support, or simply a better method of having this sorted out, it's clear the app is having a lot of issues with local files support.

Having a similar problem. Most of my other local files work just fine, but I downloaded some new ones and they won't play. I feel like no matter what I do, there's always some problem with local files on Spotify. If it continues I'll probably just have to cancel Premium.

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