Local Files - Some add, some don't?


Local Files - Some add, some don't?


Anyone know the specifics of why a local Song will or will not add to your library?


When you add a local file on the Windows desktop, I see them in the "local files" section.  On the right, with the .... drop down, some have "Add to your library" and some don't.


All the songs are .mp3, same enconding,bit rate etc.   


Is there something else that the application needs?  I own all of the content, legally. 


I would like to listen to my local content on my phone, however since some of the songs don't add to the library, they are not visible on the phone.


Any help greatly apprecaited.

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Try to put all the files in a folder. Under "Settings > Add Source" set your folder as a new source.