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Lyrics feature unavailable


Lyrics feature unavailable

Hey Community!
Just a heads up that our Lyrics feature on desktop is currently unavailable as we're making some big improvements to the feature. We'll share more updates soon. 
We can also confirm our partnership with Musixmatch is ending. It was a great partnership and there is mutual respect between both companies as our business strategies move us each in different directions.
iOS users can get lyrics and annotations on some tracks via our partnership with Genius. Check out the info here
Please share any feedback you have here in the Community. Feel free to vote for this idea too. 
1,005 Replies

I really enjoyed using the lyrics service provided by Musixmatch and was very disappointed to find the lyrics missing. It certainly would have been nice to have some kind of notice of "in one week, lyric services will be temporarily unavailable".... or something to that effect. Before the current message of "we're working on something great!" it just said there weren't any lyrics to be found.


At any rate, I think it would be a great idea if you continued the option of having the community provide lyrics at their discretion, as well as match the lyrics to the tempo of the song. This was something I enjoyed doing in my spare time and also helped me learn the words to many songs.


I would definitely be interested in providing that kind of support to the lyrics function for the desktop program.

Is anyone else upset over loss of Musixmatch synced lyrics?  Spotify Support has informed me that Spotify and Musixmatch are discontinuing their relationship.  Musixmatch is a small company, made up of 30 engineers from the UK.  Would like to know more about "problem."  Is Spotify refusing to pay Musixmatch?  Can we convince Spotify to keep this compatiable app??

Sounds like another way to separate us from our money...guess I'll be sticking with the commercials...that is until they do away with the free streaming. I hear Pandora is pretty good.

The spotify community is great, however most of the request that i've seen you dont even care.


Bring back ASAP Lyrics features.

Add more social features

Change your avatar.


Just to mention a few...

Does anyone know if Google Streaming Music service has lyrics?  


I like to practice for Karaoke and sing along, this is a requirement for me to be a premium member.

I am thinknig about changing to that too... if they have lyrics in their desktop app! That's a dealbreaker!

FYI. Humming is over rated.

SOLVED? Are u kidding ? when i seek for the lyrics i recieve a message that says "humming is great" Great for who? I guess that is great for people who don't have the lyrics!!

Don't mess with your premium users remember that the comunity is the one who choses your app, and we WANT THE LYRICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyrics was one of the features keeping me from changing over to Google Music, especially now that it includes YouTube Red.


Can we get an update on when we can expect Lyrics to be re-instated?

When can we expect to have lyrics again? I'd like to know because I'd like to take my money elsewhere if this goes on for say - weeks or months.



Sorry about that. Someone marked their own post as a solution. I have unmarked it. 

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Displeases me.

Very disappointed by this. Lyrics was one of the best features of Spotify.


Also disappointed by the disingenuous wording in your communication regarding this matter. "We're making some big improvements" is not the same as "We couldn't come to an agreement with our lyrics provider and have decided to part ways." What software developer removes a feature completely before publishing an improvement to said feature?! It is nonsensical and almost insulting to your users to suggest this.


I hope Spotify and Musixmatch are able to resolve their differences and come to an agreement again.

I see alot of Spotify hate going on here and not much toward Musixmatch. Let me break this down for all of you...


Musixmatch: Hey, I don't have a Ferrari and gold plated toilet! Spotify, give us money now!


Spotify: Uh, no? You are getting well paid, be content. We don't want to have our users pay more for your petty "business model". Try managing your company, maybe?


Musixmatch: Waaaaa! I want money! We're turning off our service to you today, and getting a half-assed PR release out making us look so good and you look bad! haha!


Spotify: <facepalm>


Personally I found the press release posted by Pierpaolo at pathetic appeal for a money grab. The thing about the deaf folks at the wedding was such an ugly emotional manipulation to get us Spotify users to turn on a company that has provided the BEST streaming experience and variety.


I'm sorry Pierpaolo and Mr Ciociola, but you are not going to be become the next Bill Gates by selling the lyrics of artists. Be content with what Spotify is capable of paying you for your service. I would be even more pissed if they caved to your craven money grab by adding another 5 or 10 bucks a month. I love having lyrics, and it was one of the greatest features of Spotify, but I would hate to have my monthly rate go up to pay blackmailers like you folks.


Thank you Spotify for a great service and product and thank you for watching out for MY bottom line by not rolling over to greedy over-glorified middle-men like Musixmatch!


...and Pierpaolo and Mr Ciociola I AM ignoring your pathetic greedy "business model"... try night classes in Business Administration at your local community college.

How do you know that it didn't go like this?


Spotify: Hey, Musixmatch, we're your biggest client and therefore you should be giving us a bigger discount and/or commissions.

Musixmatch: Uh, no? We had an established agreement that is more than fair, and we are a small establishment. Please don't think you can bully us.


Spotify: Pffft, fine by us. We'll just go find someone else for cheaper.


It could have gone either way, but it was most likely on both ends, in my opinion. Unless you have facts to back up your idea of how things went down, this speculation is just as possible as yours.



Considering how Spotify responded to the in-sync playlists/online live radio that people have been asking for....


They no longer have the good guy card to play.

Any ETA for the new solution? that is one of my FAVORITE and necessary tools to buidling my playlists 🙂

Totally agreed its my intrepetation... but the PR release seems to drip arrogance and spin. I would rather have less communication than manipulation... 


Also, Musixmatch only has one customer in this scenario and Spotify has millions, and while Musixmatch might be a top dog (for now) in the lyrics game, they are relatively small and had less to lose/more to gain by being greedy.


Spotify knows their ass is on the line for the legit faux pas that have pissed us off, so I would *think* they wouldn't pour more gas on that fire, but who knows...


And while Spotify makes mistakes (hell, we all do) this one reeks of entitled greed, and if I were to bet on it, it's Musixmatch being the more unreasonable one.


Just my $0.02, and also I woke up super pissed this morning, so writing that post was great therapy! Thanks!

New user here, I am really excited finding that there is Lyrics feature in Spotify app, but alas, it said that it is unavailable now for something greater!


Very disappointed...

There was no warning, and there was no information about this bull**bleep** "update".


The least they could do is give subscribing members info about changes to their subscriptions. Considering that's what's keeping them afloat.

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