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Malware Windows 10 Desktop Version


Malware Windows 10 Desktop Version




Operating System

Windows 10 64-bit


My Question or Issue

Malwarebytes has detected malware in Spotify. It should be in appdata or roaming folders called Trojan.malpack. I thought there was something wrong with Malwarebytes, so I uninstalled Spotify and reinstalled it. Right after installation and Spotify popped up, Malwarebytes automatically blocked the same thing as before. Please fix this to ensure the security for Spotify users.


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Now officially confirmed as false positive by malwarebytes staff in this string...see post #4

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7 Replies

Yes, having the exact same issue.  Is this a false positive or a legit malware infection?

Screenshot 2018-09-10 20.46.51.png

Yep, having a similar issue, and uninstalled Spotify for the time being.

There are a couple of threads about it on the malwarebytes forums...seems likely to be a false positive,  but not officially/explicitly confirmed as such by malwarebytes staff at least when I posted this...several users indicate spotify continues to work, even with the file in question quarantined...



Just had malwarebytes block a trojan same as described by the other users in this post.

there are two strings about it on the malwarebytes forum...seems to be a false positive, and sportify still works, even with the file quarantined...but no official/explicit confirmation of false postive at the time of posting this reply... 



Marked as solution

Now officially confirmed as false positive by malwarebytes staff in this string...see post #4

confirmed as false positve on malwarebytes "malwarebytes forum", then search "spotify" on it and you should be able to find the string where their staff confirms false's called "False Positive: Spotify libegl.dll"...I would have posted the direct link, but this forum keeps flagging the direct link as **bleep**.... <sigh> 

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