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Maximised Spotify window has incorrect size after screen resolution is changed via another program

Maximised Spotify window has incorrect size after screen resolution is changed via another program


Maximising the Spotify window and then changing the monitor resolution through another program (e.g. a video game) and then closing that program makes the Spotify window take peculiar sizes and positions.


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

  1. Start Spotify, Maximise the window.
  2. Change the monitor resolution by opening some other program e.g. a video game which runs at another resolution. Changing the resolution by the standard method (i.e. Windows' Resolution window) does not work.
  3. Close the other program (the video game) or alt-tab out of it, thus reverting to the monitors original resolution.
  4. View the weird Spotify window's position and size.

Extra notes:

  • After the above sequence if you double click the top of the window, to Restore the window, it usually goes to its correct Restored position (i.e. whatever the previously Restored window's location and size was). Sometimes the Restored window is bigger than the screen's resolution, which is weird.
  • Maximising the window from Restored correctly maximises the window.


What I expected to happen

The Spotify window should return to its original position and size i.e. maximised.


What actually happened

The Spotify window stays in the position it would have been in while the resolution was different.


System details

Windows 8 Pro 64-bit, all updates. Spotify: Upraded Spotify from previous version.


Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?


  • This shows the full 1080p screen after a 720p game has closed. The Spotify window is on top of the task bar.
  • It seems that this is what the Spotify window has done: The Spotify window kept its original 1080p window size (i.e. 1920 x 1080) when the screen size changed to 720p (i.e. 1280 x 720), thus some of the content went off the screen. Then when the screen resolution changed back to 1080p the window stayed how it looked on the 720p screen size. So the window size show in the screenshot is probably 2880 x 1620.


  • This shows a dual-monitor setup where both monitors' native resolutions were 1080p. A game was run on the left monitor and had changed its resolution to 720p. Before the game was started Spotufy was Maximised on the left. The Spotify window is on top of the left task bar.
  • It basically just shows more detail about what happens in the first picture. You can clearly see the window is too big post-game.

I also tried all the tests with a Chrome window and Chrome reverted to its correct size and location every time, so I would consider this a bug of Spotify.

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Hey 🙂 


I am pretty sure that this is related to the fact Spotify does not follow normal window behaviour on Windows, it does not work with shortcuts such as dragging to the top of the screen to maximise etc. There is an ideas topic about that issue here, its more of a missing feature than a bug if that is the case! 



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I had this problem to but to solve it I just drag it to the screen i want to not small sized or anything just full screen then close it via the taskbar and then relaunch it. it should now appear large.

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