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Maximized window with Taskbar Autohide has issues.

Maximized window with Taskbar Autohide has issues.

Operating System

Windows 10

Spotify Version


My Issue

On the attached screenshot notice the extra border all around the window. Happens
only on maximized window with Taskbar Autohide. I tried reinstalling Spotify; did not help.

Spotify UI.png
21 Replies

Same issue

White bar at the top after last update Reinstal doesn't workSnímek obrazovky (6).png

Spotify version has the same issue.

Probably Spotify winter theme

Today's update ( does not resolve the issue.

I have this issue, too.


I deleted the software (desktop version), then downloaded app from Microsoft Store but this problem came up in the app version, too. I've just got an update but this issue's not resolved, yet. 

Same issue here with the Windows Store app version Would love a fix as it is quite distracting!

Version still have the problem.


Hey Spotify Are you kidding me?! 

I pay for it

Same issue here.

It seems like only very few people use the autohide feature. Hence, there aren't many people reporting this issue.

I agree with you

But in the past it was fine
Thats inexcusable approach to problem solving
Especially for paying customers

We've been having this issue for more than 1 month. I can't believe they couldn't fix the problem, yet. 

Same here. If you remember a while ago you could't see podcasts tab. Then they release an update and they fix it but since then this white bar appeared.


Finally it seems like they fix it. What about you guys?

I'm still having the issue. Windows Store app version

I have the version from their site not WS.

Just installed the same version from their site and can confirm the issue is resolved with Thanks for the headsup! I'd imagine they'll push the update to the app version, but I guess I'll stick with this one since it seems it gets updates sooner.

Can confirm!

The issue is solved in v1.0.99.250.

Gonna try this one. Thanks for the update. 🙂 


Nice black skin 🙂

Thanks for support

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