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Minimize restore animations Windows 10

Minimize restore animations Windows 10

Plan Premium

Country USA

Device PC

Operating System Windows 10 Pro 1809


My Question or Issue


I have searched and search and found only ONE bite at this issue and though it may seem trivial at most, I think in terms of consistency and flow it would be nice if it worked. 

Simply put, when minimizing, maximizing, and restoring Spotify on Windows, the animations are no longer there. It has been this way since the release of the UWP (whatever that means) for Windows 10. So for over a year now. 

I just never thought to submit an issue as I am here until now because (for the benefit of the doubt) I was patiently waiting for the issue to resolve itself over there in the great factory of braniacs at Spotify HQ. 

Alas, my hope for humanity continues to dim.


Please fix this.


Thank you.


9 Replies

Hey there @user-removed,

thanks for sharing in the community !


Please make sure this issue only happens with Spotify before approching to the steps bellow.

There's an option in your windows settings called "Ease Of Access" which allows you to disable or enable animations.


Let me know how it goes 😃

One year later, no fix. Both the regular exe Spotify and the one from the Windows Store have this issue. All my apps have proper minimize animations except for Spotify. 

Ridiculous isn't it?

I found a fix using an app called Groupy which you can find online. Unfortunately this is not a definitive fix, in fact it only works until you restart your Spotify application or your PC but it's definetly worth a try. Do exactly what shown in the video.

it's been 2 years and still no fix, i'm guessing it'll be fixed in the coming windows 11...

I am actually beta testing windows 11 and the animations still aren't there. It looks so wierd cause windows 11 is really animated, But spotify just refuses to do it.

Please add animations for Windows 11 Store app! It's jarring using it, as its the only app I have now that doesn't behave like a normal windows app. 

It's mad that the Windows app STILL does not feel like part of the OS. It makes me actively avoid using the App on Windows 11 and I prefer to upload my music library and play it natively because I find the Spotify App jarring and ugly on Windows. The most frustrating thing is that the MacOS app conforms to all of the MacOS window conventions... The decision to ignore this on Windows is really poor.

Good news! As of a recent update to the Spotify app, all minimize/maximize animations now work as they should, at least on Windows 11 using the Windows Store app. Can anybody confirm animations are also fixed on the Windows Desktop app? If not, I recommend switching to the app version for now.


Thank you Spotify for fixing this! Still, it's insane that you have created a place for the community to voice bugs and feature requests, yet the dev team and this online community are obviously as far apart as can be. Not a single mention regarding the fix on here, and the time between the bug first being reported on this thread and the fix isn't exactly to write home about either 😉. Probably only fixed now because adoption of Windows 11 is growing and the lack of animations is much more jarring than it was in Windows 10. It seems only now it's grown to be a thorn in their sides big enough to be fixed.

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