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Move desktop overlay?

Move desktop overlay?

I'm one of the people who actually don't mind the desktop overlay when you change the volume or pause/play a song! ... that said, I kind of hate where it's located in the upper left corner.

I know there's now an option to turn the display off completely (thank you Spotify) but is there anyway to move it instead? I'd be happy if I could put it down in the lower right corner of the screen where it's not covering things up.

3 Replies

No kidding...I wish it popped up in the bottom right of the screen in the default space for Windows notifications.  I like it popping up, but man, it is always right in the way, and takes too long to fade away.

Yeah, it comes right up over an app's menu bar! So annoying.

just adding that I also like the desktop overlay, but the location on PC is horrible.  Doubly so, because I have my desktop set up with the taskbar on the left, so when the overlay pops-up, i can't access my program menus, or the start menu, Come on Spotify, it's ridiculously easy to add a menu option to set which corner it shows in.

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