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Move playlist in which song is active?

Move playlist in which song is active?



I would like to know is there a way or option to move your playlist automatically or manually to song that is playing right now?


I have multiple playlists that have somecases couple hundred songs, and it's irritating to scrolling up and down and trying to find that song that is currently playing while using shuffle. 


Mika Blomberg

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Hi @plumppu, welcome to the Community!


Aside from the Now Playing section of the Spotify application, you can use the search bar inside the playlist to get to a song quickly. This can be accessed on mobile by swiping up at the top of a playlist, and by pressing Ctrl+F on Windows. 


Alternatively, you can look at your queued songs, which will have all the songs queued from your playlist. This can be accessed by pressing the icon with 3 lines and a play button. queue.PNG


Hope this helps!

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