Moving about within long podcasts on Garmin Spotify


Moving about within long podcasts on Garmin Spotify







Garmin Fenix 5+

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue

 I tend to find the Spotify app on Garmin smartwatches (i have the Fenix 5+) tends to crash in between sessions, so for example, after listening to 1hr of a 2hr podcast, pausing it and when i attempt to pick it up where i left off the next day, i find it has 'stuck' and the whole watch needs resetting to get it to work again. That's a little irritiating, but by far the more annoying thing is that you then have to spend quite a few minutes skipping through the podcast to get to the 1hr point by repeatedly pressing the 'fwd 15sec' button. Repetitive strain kicks in after a minute or so, and it can't help the watch. Is there a way of incorporating a feature that skips minutes at a time when you hold the 'fwd 15sec' button? 

Otherwise, skipping around hours of a multi-hour podcast (think Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, average length 4-5hrs!) is effectively impossible.

So to summarize, we have two problems here:

 i) crashing when attempting to resume a podcast midway through ;

 ii) enabling faster skipping (fwd and back) within long podcasts by holding the skip button.

Thank you very much indeed.