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My Spotify desktop application keeps going offline randomly

My Spotify desktop application keeps going offline randomly






(Razer Blade 15)

Operating System

(Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue

I have this weird issue with the Desktop Spotify application. Every time I open the Spotify application, by-default it shows that the laptop isn't connected to the internet. (I do have internet). It randomly comes back online after repeatedly opening and closing the application. Most of the time, it just stays offline. I checked the firewall and everything seems fine. Here is what I have already performed.

1) Close and reopen the application a million times.

2) Sign out and sign back in multiple times.

3) Perform a clean install. By removing every portion of the file, restarting the computer, download the SpotifySetup.exe from the official website and installing it in different locations after every uninstall. (This time I haven't touched it and it's installed in its default folder)

4) Update windows. 


Some, extra information, 

1) I have a premium Spotify account and the iOS app works fine on my phone which is connected to the same Wi-Fi as my laptop.

2) Spotify works perfectly on the browser(chrome) and magically sinks some music related information to the desktop application(like the songs being played, the play/pause status, the length of the song, the artwork etc), but if I click the Home, Browse or the Radio button on the desktop application, it continues to show me that I am offline. 


I don't understand what is the issue here.



spotify issue.pngThis image shows the chrome web player on the left, which is syncing some information to the Spotify application on the right. While the Spotify application shows that its offline.

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