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Navigating a playlist while sorted alphabetically

Navigating a playlist while sorted alphabetically









Desktop PC

Operating System



So I usually sort my playlists by artist alphabetically, but leave it on shuffle. Sometimes, a song pops on, and I want to listen to a different song by the same artist instead. I imagine this is a pretty common thing 'Oh, I am in the mood for this band now that you mention it, but I'd prefer this song instead of the one it shuffled to', yeah?
When you click on the album art in the bottom left of the desktop app, it is supposed to navigate you to where that song is in the playlist, which would make this a really easy prospect.

However, clicking on the album art always navigates you to where the song would be if you left the playlist sorted by the order the songs were added to the playlist, instead of where it actually is once the playlist has been sorted aphabetically.

The only way for me to get to all of the songs I have on the playlist from any given artist is for me to un-sort the playlist, then click the album art, then re-sort the playlist, then use the arrow keys to jump my navigation to where the song is, and then I can pick songs from said artist.

Attached screenshot is relevant: I clicked the album art for Too Many Zooz, but the playlist jumped to and highlighted a Weird Al song instead. When I un-sort by artist, the Too Many Zooz song appears in the highlighted spot.

is it really that hard to have the navigation window jump to where the song IS, instead of where it WAS when I first put it on the playlist?


Screenshot 2020-10-14 153440.png
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Hey there @Bakuhaku,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community!


Apologies for the delayed response, we just came across this thread. Could you let us know if you’re still having troubles with this?


If you are, can you let us know if you've already tried to log out > restart your device > log back in? It's also a good idea to try a clean reinstall to clear any old files that might be causing issues.


If that doesn't do it for you, we have an Ongoing issue about the app highlighting the wrong song when clicking the album art here. We'd recommend subscribing to the thread via the 3 dot menu to stay up to date with any news we might have about this.


Keep us in the loop here.

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