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Newly added songs won't download

Newly added songs won't download






HP 850 laptop

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Windows 10


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I have a large number of playlists, and songs. Whenever I add new songs to my playlists now, they don't download, the download toggle change to "waiting" and newly added songs don't seem to download unless I remove a song. Is there a maximum numer of songs that Spotify sets? Why? My laptop still has plenty of space, and I am paying for the service...

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Yes in fact there is a limit for how much songs you can download on a single device and it is up to 3333 songs for up to 3 devices. To make room for your new songs you will have to remove from your downloads songs that you don't listen anymore.

Please read Listen offline and Listen offline troubleshooting FAQs' for more.


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Why does this limit exist? Is this expected to change any time soon?

Hey @moremusic77,


I don't know if this will change, however, if you would like, you can submit it in Idea Submissions board or support it if this idea has been already submitted.


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