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No Spotify Connect with Argon Stream2

No Spotify Connect with Argon Stream2

I have a Premium Spotify account and live in the Netherlands. I use Spotify Connect with some devices (e.g. a Denon receiver) and that works great.

Shortly, I bought a used Argon Stream2. Internet radio and local network audio works great. But I can't get Spotify Connect working.

I tried this with my PC (Windows 10 21H2), my smartphone (Samsung S21 FE) and tablet (Apple iPad with iPadOS 15.5). All software is up-to-date and all of my devices see the Argon Stream2, but when I click on it, they can't establish a connection.

I tried to connect my Argon Stream2 wired and wireless. That doesn't help. All network settings look just fine.

The display of Argon Stream2 shows "Press Play..." or "Waiting for users".

It has Spotify version: release-esdk-2.8d-v2.8.71-g9919e10f


I short: why do I see my Argon, but can't connect to it??

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A screenshot from Windows with "Connecting to..."

But it never connects 😞


Hey @digilb,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


It is possible, that this issue is network related. Could you try resetting the router and making sure, that both devices are in the same network?


You can also try connecting the two devices via a hot spot from your phone and so exclude network related issues.


Is it possible to change the DNS configuration of the speaker?


Have you ever been able to use the mentioned speaker with Connect before?


Keep us posted,



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Thanks for your reply!

I finally managed to use Spotify Connect with my Argon Stream. It was trial and error and I can't exactly reproduce the steps I took. But I did something in the UNDOK Android application to make it work.

If it happens again, I will make note of the steps I take so I can share it on this forum.

Kind regards, Luuk 

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