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No messages & can't move around playlists/songs

No messages & can't move around playlists/songs

I'm curious.. just a couple days ago the messages option on my Spotify account disappeared. And I can no longer move songs to anywhere I want in a playlist, or move around/sort the playlists on my account from my laptop. My brother's account is fine and hasn't had any of these changes, so I'm wondering what's up and if there's anything that can be done to return my account to normal!

Thanks in advance 🙂

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Hey @joyfullyabigail!


See this thread on the messaging feature disappearance of the inbox/messaging feature. 

Thanks for this information!

I wasn't really concerned about the messages, although it was a great option I loved using, as much as the fact that I can no longer create playlists to be the way I like. I can only add songs, not change up the order, and the same goes with the playlists. I use this feature all the time and Spotify almost seems pointless without being able to customize your playlists to a specific order.

Hopefully it's just a glitch or something up with my account and it can get back to normal soon.

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