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No sound in Windows Spotify desktop application

No sound in Windows Spotify desktop application






Lenovo X1 Yoga 3rd gen

Operating System

Windows 10 Enterprise (build 1903)


My Question or Issue

Since a few days the Spotify desktop application is not making any sounds. I am a technical guy so ruled out the obvious stuff:
-All other apps and websites play sound perfectly.
-Reinstalled Spotify.
-Rebooted the device a few times.
-Sound is not muted in Spotify.
-Spotify doesn't play on another device.
-Sound drivers are fully up to date.


If I play Spotify via the web and use my desktop application as a remote, it works. However after a few days this "workaround" is getting a bit frustrating. Any tips are highly appreciated.

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Hey there @denhog1990,

thanks for posting !


Please make sure the audio interface or soundcard you're using is set as your default device and that Spotify is aligned with it :


- Right-click on the speaker icon on Taskbar, click on Playback Devices.
- Highlight the device you're using and set it as Default. Click OK.


Let me know how it goes 🙂



This didn't work. Tried it as well earlier. Any other ideas?

Hey @denhog1990,

thanks for the update !


Are using more the one audio output on your device ?

When you're using Spotify on other devices are you experiencing the same issues ?

I am using multiple devices but everything works as expected, so via the docking I have external speakers. All applications and websites work via the speakers except the Spotify application. If I switch to laptop sound and disattach from the docking the sound is coming out of the laptop. Again, everything works except for Spotify.


If I check the device output I can clearly see that the default is the docking speakers and Spotify using this. It always worked, but suddenly stopped a few days ago... As far as I can see there are no specific settings in Spotify in which you can check or force the output device. This is so weird...

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