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Not able to remove local files from liked song playlist


Not able to remove local files from liked song playlist

I am currently trying to remove my local files from my spotify account. I was able to remove the local files on the spotify app, but they still show up on the app on my laptop (Windows 10). I was able to hide my local files so there wasn't a separate playlist for them, but they still show up in my liked songs. It doesn't let me unlike them, and I can't find a tutorial or answer anywhere to show you how to get rid of them. It just shows you how to add local songs which I don't want. I've also reached out to spotify support and they couldn't advise me. So if anyone knows how to fix this, I would appreciate some help with this.

Thank you!



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Select a the liked song and press Del key.

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I found that deleting the local files off of the pc and uninstalling “Liked Songs” on all devices fixed it for me.

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Select a the liked song and press Del key.

this worked for me

It does work

Sorry for reviving the old thread, but this solution hasn't worked for me. there are 3 liked songs that were local files and this shouldn't bother me as much as it does but it still does. I've gone as far as making a backup playlist with my liked songs and deleting the whole liked songs playlist, and the local files still don't go away. I've searched for past solutions, and there is no longer a spotify folder in %appdata%\spotify.

edit: the reason the appdata folder doesn't exist is because I'm using the windows store version - I've tried deleting local-files.bnk from appdata\local\packages\spotify_whateverthenumberis\users\111111111-user but it always recreates the file on startup.


tl;dr: I can't just press delete, and I can't unlike, and I can't use the "delete local-files.bnk" solution.

That is right. nothing worked. It's bugged/ glitched out. Spotify please fix

Same problem here.

Same Problem, the files do recreate after deleting them and I cant remove the (not existing anymore) local files from the List buy unchecking them or pressing the "delete key"


Please fix this asap

It won't delete them for me, either. I deleted the local files on my PC where they originally were and from the playlist that had downloaded them on my phone, logged out of my account on my phone and erased all data there, and uninstalled Spotify on my PC and deleted all the appdata files. Still when I logged in and went to my liked songs list, when I hit delete or try to unheart a song, it just pops right back up with a full heart. Please fix.

Hey there folks!


Thanks for reporting this us on the Community!


We have received a few other reports about users not being able to remove local files from the Liked Songs playlist and we're currently looking further into this.


Feel free to leave your details and +Vote here. Hopefully we'll have more info on this soon!


It'll also be useful to subscribe via the three-dots menu in the top right corner next to the title. That'll make sure you stay up to date with any relevant updates about this


Let us know if there's anything else we can help out with.

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It’s been almost a year. Nobody is looking into this issue. Or if by looking into it you mean removing local files altogether that you’ve done in the “new and improved” desktop version then sure it’s being looked into. 

The problem is solved for me now. I uninstall Spotify on all of my devices
(desktop, mobile). Then I install on the mobile first and am able to unlike
local files from the Liked Songs playlist. After that I install it on my
desktop. This way works for me.

Still having this issue in 2023, thanks a lot Spotify.

I would like to know how I can identify the local files in the first place. 

I have thousands of liked songs, some of which appear to be local, and for that reason cannot play this playlist at all on devices that only play from the internet.  Going through the list and try to remember which files may be local is not an option, I obviously liked many songs in the Spotify library which I also have as local file.

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