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Now Playing album art does not take me to the song that is being played

Now Playing album art does not take me to the song that is being played







Operating System


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My Question or Issue

While listening to, for example, my Liked Songs playlist, which is a long-ish playlist, when I click the "Now Playing" album art in the bottom left corner, expanded or minimised, the application navigates to the Playlist's window, but the song actually playing is not visible - it takes me to a random place in that playlist. I would expect the application to take me to the exact song playing.


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Hey @emberins 


That feature is currently a little wonky on my end too. I would suggest you try 2 things, maybe they help you 🙂

1. try disabling hardware acceleration. It's under menu dots - View. It restarts the client.

2. reinstall the client using these steps.


Let me know how you get on!

@Sebasty, thanks for your advice. I reinstalled Spotify yesterday, and it is still the same behaviour. I just tried turning hardware acceleration off (not sure how that could be related), and that did not change anything either. 🙂

Best regards



Thank you for letting me know 🙂

Hardware Acceleration is related to graphics and I just wondered if the issue is also related to graphics. Seems not.


Please try if any of the following works for you:

1. log out and back into the app.

2. restart the device.

3. try if it happens under a different device (or a different account).


Let me know your findings 🙂

Happens on all devices where I have tried it.



I've been looking into this, sorry for a bit late reply!


Have you sorted any columns in that playlist where it happens, or does it happen also when the playlist is not sorted?

Also, please give a screen recording or screenshots of the issue, and the exact steps you take that leads to the issue. 🙂


I'll be here!


It does not matter whether the playlist is sorted or not (in this case it is not), whether shuffle is on or not (in this case it is not)... the "Now Playing" album art takes me to a completely random place in the playlist. Maybe I am expecting a functionality that was not intended?





I'm experiencing the same issue as you. It is supposed to take you to the currently playing song when you click on the now playing cover art.. 🙂


There's this similar Issue that has been acknowledged, you can add your vote to that and check out the Status Update. Hopefully it sees a fix very soon!


Have a nice day!

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