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Offensive adverts

Offensive adverts

I'm just looking for information about whether there is a way to block certain adverts from appearing? At the moment I am constantly getting the adverts for the Metropolitan Police Cadet Leader program, a concept which I find completely repulsive due to recent revelations about corruption and racism in the force. I'm also finding that this advert causes Spotify to leap to the front of the screen every time it appears, which is irritating and means that I can't simply ignore these adverts. Is there any way to avoid these adverts and replace them with others?

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Unfortunately, there is currently no way to filter or choose the adverts you see in the Spotify client, there is a feature request topic asking for this functionality here which has shown to be quite a popular concept but no word yet on if/when it might be implemented. 


As it currently stands, the only thing I can suggest is an unlimited or premium subscription to remove the adverts. 



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Ah, cheers for the help Peter! I'll keep an eye on that thread.

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