Windows 7 playlist vanished

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All of my playlists (there were about a dozen of them or more) have vanished...? I think this might be a duplicate account problem.

I've read a few threads on resolutions and contacted support and have not gotten anywhere.


Please help !! I never copied my playlists down anywhere.

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I have just had a quick look at your account and can only find one attached to this address (same username).  This has no deleted playlists, so it looks like you do have a duplicate account somewhere.


Please contact the support team here.


They will need your security details (Date of birth, Zipcode) and any other email addresses that you may use.  


Have you tried logging in with your Facebook details?

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Hi there,

This has not been resolved. I have sent 2 requests to the support team with my details and have not heard back.

Every time I log into Spotify it refuses my password so I have to change it practically every day..?
I am concerned about my playlists being gone, is there anything else I can do, as I haven't gotten any help from the support team?

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Hello there. Just checked on this for you - a reply was sent earlier today. When you get a chance please confirm your security details and we'll take it from there.

Check out how we're doing: @SpotifyStatus

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