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Offline Mode on Windows

Offline Mode on Windows

Plan- Premium

Country- USA


Operating System

 Windows 10,etc


My Question or Issue

I cannot get my Spotify desktop app off online mode. I have re-installed and tried everything and it is not working. I can easily use the web launcher so why won't the desktop app work? I don't have any other issues with apps on my computer. 

3 Replies

Hey @ariannaeliz 


Could you specify - is your Spotify desktop app stuck on offline mode or online mode?


If offline mode, that might be caused by antivirus/antimalware apps that filter network. You may need to whitelist Spotify in their settings.

Also let me know if it happens at work and if you're using any proxy or VPN.




The Spotify desktop app is stuck in offline mode. How would I whitelist spotify? And, yes I'm at work when this is happening - where can I determine if this is proxy or VPN? I can provide screen shots if that's helpful






Oh, if that's happening at work, then probably the IT department updated or blocked something in the network. They do that sometimes so employees wouldn't use things like instagram at work... 🙂

You can try if others also have that issue - if yes, then it's definitely that.

If not, then I'd suspect it's something at your computer and more likely fixable (without the help of admins).


You should see settings for both Proxy and VPN under Settings - Network & Internet. Chances are their settings can be altered by admins only and are greyed out for employees.


Let me know how you get on!

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