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Offline modus on my surface Pro doesn´t work

Offline modus on my surface Pro doesn´t work

I have installed the Spotify App (I´m a premium user) on my surface pro under Windows 10. I have saved some albums and this is indicated as "saved" in Spotify. However, when use the offline mode, all titles are displayed in grey and are not available.

Any idea what went wrong?

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Hey, @pufritz1 -


'Saving' the album and 'Downloading' songs are different. If you 'save' the album it is saved in Your Library, so you can listen to your favorite album tracks in one place; If you'd like to make songs available offline, you have to 'download' the them.


However, you first need to convert the album into a playlist before you can download the songs;

Search for an album then press the menu button- You'll see the "Add as playlist" option. Add the album songs into a playlist, and click 'Download' button at the right.


Enjoy Spotify Premium 🙂

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Thanks! This works, although it is a laborious compared to downloading on
the iPhone App



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