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Offline play

When setting a list to offline play, do we need to set the same list as offline on the desktop version/web player?

I have two mobile devices I use to sync songs to. One android phone and one ipod. I also use spotify on two different computers (desktop and laptop).

Both computers have wi-fi connection most of the time. Do I need to set the list offline on the computers in order to have the lists offline on the mobile devices?

Also, I can't seem to be able to sync the phone or the ipod.

The devices go on and off constantly on the Spotify desktop. Doesn't give me time to select or set lists to sync.


Thanks in advance,


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Hi @ChriSound 


Thanks for posting. I hope you're well?


I can confirm that you wouldn't need the computer to have songs in offline mode in order to sync them to your mobile devices. It's quite possible to sync them offline just to the mobile devices that you're using. 


You can find out more regarding the use of offline lists and syncing offline here.


Hope that helps?

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