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Offline while online, errorcode -4

Offline while online, errorcode -4





Operating System

 Windows 10

My Question or Issue


Spotify keeps telling me that I`m offline, while I`m online. I get the errorcode -4, and nothing seems to fix the issue. Issues are accouring on my office computer so there are very little I can do in regards to network. I`ve read some suggestions to change dns servers, not an option unfortunatly. Restarts and reinstallation did not fix the issue either.

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Hey @cm85 


It is most likely a network-related error, but I do suggest trying out Spotify's web player, maybe that works.


One thing you can try is checking if any of your coworkers that use Spotify also have that issue. You can also try logging into Spotify's web player on their computers if that failed on your computer as well.

This will help verify if this is a computer-based issue or a network problem.


Let me know how it goes! 🙂

Web player works fine. The app works on multiple coworker machines. 

I noticed on my machine, and most others, the networkstatus says no internect access, while we still have access to internet.



Did I understand correctly that both you and most of your coworkers using Spotify desktop client see the error code 4? 🙂


Maybe the IT department has blocked something that the desktop client needs. You can try asking the IT admin for assistance.



its an error in the newest version of the spotify client. install an old version and everything is fine:
for example: (google for a download)

Glad to see someone has the same Windows bug as me. I've had that issue for months and tried soo many things to fix it (besides a clean install). It sucks that now the bug breaks Spotify 😕

Hey fam, you're not alone and I've tried it all.


Restarted Spotify.

Restarted my computer.

Added exceptions to my firewall.

Disabled my firewall.

Uninstalled spotify and reinstalled spotify.

Hunted down every single spotify file and uninstalled them and reinstalled.

I waited a few days for it to resolve itself, but nope that didn't do it either.

got the same problem -.-
does anyone know how to disable automatic update on spotify?

I managed to fix this issue for a very short amount of time. But due to the responses I've received from Spotify doesn't care on Twitter for severe issues caused by updates before, I doubt we'll see a fix pushed via updated any time soon.


in the mean time, uninstall your Spotify, install an old version (I can't post a link for you because they block them) and then change the write permissions on the Spotify/updates folder so that Spotify doesn't have permission to write to or modify them.


Good luck and god speed because this fix sucks and if you rewrite the permissions wrong, Spotify will just write over itself next time you start it and you won't be able to connect again.


horray for updates.

Hey all,


Thanks for reaching out! Glad to hear it got solved 🙂


In case anyone else is still having the issue, check out this Solution and tell us how it works out for you.


If it doesn't let us know:


  • your device
  • OS
  • Spotify version

Have a nice day!

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For some reason spotify worked again for a few days, no its "offline" again. Flushing the dns didnt help.


HP Z820 Workstation

Windows 10.0.18362 Build 18362


Seme here -.- Error 4.
Plan: free
Country: Italy
OS: Windows 7

Me too my dude.

Device: Desktop

OS: Win 10

Spotify Version:

Adding onto this. Been having this issue for the last week or so.

Country: Norway

Spotify version: Desktop downloaded from, build

OS: Windows 10 Build 18362

Issue: Error code: 4 when starting form sleep and occasionally from regular boot. The Spotify client works for a short time after a cold-boot after a DNS flush, the returns to error code 4. I am still able to access and webplayer (

I´ve been in contact with support, not to much help there apart from that I got conformation that you can stop auto updates, which I suspect is updating the client to a version with some bugs. Spotify really need to work on their customer journey experience, no technical support available either via chat or email is not viable solution as customer service.


Downloaded an old installer, the complete type Installed and then did the following: 

As an admin run CMD and to try the following:

rm %localappdata%\Spotify\Update

mkdir %localappdata%\Spotify\Update

icacls %localappdata%\Spotify\Update /deny "%username%":D

icacls %localappdata%\Spotify\Update /deny "%username%":R



  1. Removes directory C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Spotify\Update
  2. Creates directory C:\Users\<your username>\Appdata\Spotify\Update
  3. Denies delete permission to your account for C:\Users\<your username>\Appdata\Spotify\Update requiring administrative prompt for delete privileges, preventing spotify from removing it without admin
  4. Denies read permission to your account for C:\Users\<your username>\Appdata\Spotify\Update requiring administrative prompt for read privileges, preventing spotify from placing the update program in it without admin

The same procedure as her:

Yeah, this is the work around I was talking about a little higher up the thread. But let’s go ahead and throw this out there: this isn’t a fix. It’s a work around for a bug that won’t be addressed for months if it ever gets addressed at all.


Spotify’s lack of initiative to fix bugs honestly makes me consider leaving the platform on a regular basis. Currently, on the iPhone version of Spotify, if the app is left in a hung state where music isn’t playing but the app still thinks it is for some reason, your alarms won’t go off. This has been a bug for over a year now. And they don’t seem to care about fixing it.

Same problem for about two weeks. 

1) Web player works, Windows App doesn't.

2) At home on my own computer(laptop) is OK, at work on my office computer(desktop) NO

3) Adding exceptions to firewall did not work (cannot totaly disable firewall due to office computer restrictions)

4) Clearing all net data did not work

5) My colleagues do not have the same problem although we have common network. Signing in from their computer with my account is OK, too

6) Sign out - Sign in again did not work (i have another issues while signing in, error code: 126)

7) Private Session did not work



Country: Turkey

Location: Office

OS: Windows 10

Device: Work Computer(Desktop)


Please help

After a while I did it. My problem was about 'group policy'. Windows 10 was saying that no connection although I have a full connection on Web. Once I solved this problem, Spotify's internet connection error issue is also resolved. Here is how to do it:


-type  "gpedit.msc"  and enter

- local computer policy->Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->All Settings->Turn off 'Windows Network Connectivity Status Indicator'

The problem repeats again. This time above solution did not help. Instead, this fixed my problem:



Hey all,


Thanks for staying active here and for all the info you've given us! 


Currently there are issues with the app showing you're offline even though you're not. That's why we've created an Ongoing Issue while the right teams are investigating this. 


If you're experiencing this at the moment and want to contribute to this getting fixed you can add your vote by clicking on the +VOTE here. We also encourage you to subscribe to get relevant updates about it. You can do this by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner, next to the title. 


We appreciate your time to do this, stay tuned!

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