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PLEASE tell me I can custom sort my playlists???

PLEASE tell me I can custom sort my playlists???

Hi y'all, i am going crazy trying to find a way to sort my playlist.  Am using window desktop (was on the online one) now, got it hoping to be albe to have some control over the lists.  Not possible??  Seems you can ONLY sort Alpahbetically (huh? who cares?) or by artist.  This seems pretty low tech and dissapointing...please tell me what i am missing....THANKS!!

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Hello @Catita5

You can also sort by Album, by when the song was added to the playlist and by song lenght by clicking on the headers. And of course you can use drag and drop to sort the playlist however you want. Is there any other particular sort you want to use ?

"and of course you can use drag and drop to sort the playlist however you want..."


How is this done? No matter where I click on the playlist, all that happens is that a menu opens up saying "start radio, save to your music, add to playlist, copy song link..."


This happens both on my phone app and desktop (Windows 7). On the phone app, I found a menu saying "sort by..." artist, album, title, recently added and Custom, however Custom does not work. You can click on it, but nothing happens.


Is this something that's only for paying users? Also, there is seemingly no way to edit the playlist image, so I assume that's pay-only also. Thank you for helping to clear this up.

Hello @ksol1460

You can use drag and drop and change picture/description only in the desktop app. And of course you can modify only your own playlists this way. There are no restrictions on this for free users.

To use drag and drop press and hold the left mouse button on the song you want to move and a green line appears to select where to place it:

drag and dropdrag and drop

Here is an instruction how to change the picture/description:


Thank you. I was using the desktop for Spotify, so I wonder why I've never seen the green line. I did it just like you said -- press and hold the left mouse button over the song title. Nothing happened!

Likewise, clicking the playlist image does nothing; no "choose image" or "replace image" appears. I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that I have Windows 7 and am doing this all through Firefox 56.0.1. Is that possible?

(I just tried logging in on Chrome and following the directions, and they don't work there, either!)

I see where your confusion comes from. You mentioned using Firefox/Chrome which means you are using the web player. It separate thing from the desktop app which is a program. You don't start it by visiting a page but by clicking a icon - the same way you start Firefox for example. You can download the desktop app which you need to reorder playlist/change picture here - Install it and you are ready to go/

Thank you. I didn't realize I had to have the "app" (program) downloaded in order to sort my playlists and customize my picture. Got it now.


I also didn't realize that you have to sign in with your gobbledegook username instead of the email address you signed up with, in order to see your playlists from the "account" page on web. However, I have just done this, and I still cannot see my playlists. The menu on the left-hand side has no link to playlists.


I hope they will fix things so that usernames can be customized in the future. Your explanations have been very helpful.


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