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Partial Discography Vanishes OH MY GIRL

Partial Discography Vanishes OH MY GIRL






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The catalogue for OH MY GIRL seems to have partially vanished; I understand there may be rights issues, but this strikes me as a technical/human error, because the newer EPs and albums remain on the service, and there has been no corporate shuffle or split that would support the notion of liscenscing issues arising. But, of course, I do not know for certain.

I can see the albums in my library, but Spotify is unable to play them. Every mini album and album that was released before and including this one:

seems to be unplayable at the moment. Is there an explanation why? And why this happens so frequently with other Korean artists, too? Is there some business/liscencing agreement that one should be aware of, because I would like to know if I am to rely on your service.


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Same happened in Australia. Bring back all the OH MY GIRL songs, I didn't pay premium for this Spotify. 

Same!! Hopefully spotify fixes this as soon as possible

Spotify, please fix this issue..  various loona songs are unplayable too as well as majority of sm artists albums ( exo, red velvet, nct 127, ect) 

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