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Paused Spotify plays when PC is next unlocked

Paused Spotify plays when PC is next unlocked

On Windows 7 &10 I leave the Spotify web player open with my browser (Chrome) for days on end. I lock my PC at night and this morning for example, the music started playing when I unlocked the PC. Separetley, My Android app plays when I pause it then receive a call or unlock the phone, I had to close the app instead of have it wait in the background. Are these known issues?
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Hey @DarkHorseDre,


This might have something to do with Chrome and start-up settings, but we'll try to help as much as we can. When you lock the computer, do you pause the music or keep it running, and does it keep running after locking?


Regarding the issue with Android, there is another thread about it and it's currently under investigation. Make sure to check it out and add a +VOTE if you're experiencing similar things.


Keep us posted 🙂


Hi and thanks for the response. Sorry, no, I always pause before I close. At this point I expect to come back to play the next day at work. I have issues in that the song wont play when I un-pause, but I'll leave that for another thread 🙂 I usually use headphones to plug into the PC, not the speakers. The music does not continue to play after pausing or locking. When I unlock the PC, the music occasionally starts playing. When I started this thread I could hear a song playing after unlocking windows and could not tell where the music was coming from (PC speaker as headphones were not connected) but I did like the tune 🙂 Any ideas?

Hey @DarkHorseDre,


It sounds like it happens from time to time. To be completely sure, we suggest that you try using the web player in an incognito window and see if it helps.


If not, get back to us with a more specific example, preferably a step-by-step explanation of when this happens. 


Let us know if that helps. 🙂


Hi, yes it seems to happen intermittently when the webplayer is loaded in a chrome tab, then paused, PC locked, then I unlock the windows 10 pc after hours of being locked as mentioned (so no client installed). ok, I'll try the incognito test. Thanks, DHD

Hey @DarkHorseDre.


Just wanted to see if @Jemi's solution has worked for you 🙂

Keep us posted!

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