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Playback pausing in Windows Store (UWP) App

Playback pausing in Windows Store (UWP) App




United States


Surface Pro 3

Operating System

Windows 10


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Sometimes playback will "freeze" when or after ads are played. Pressing the Play/Pause button a few times will sometimes resume playback but when that doesn't work the app has to be restarted.
I have also submitted this issue into the Feedback Hub and will post any diagniostic information there. 


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Hey @Gurglemuf - help's here!

If you're still having trouble with this, could you try reinstalling the app, but making sure to follow the relevant steps listed for your OS in this Spotify Answer?

If that doesn't work, is it possible to download the app directly from the Spotify website onto your device (versus the Windows Store version)?


If not, let us know the exact version of the Spotify app you're running and we'll look into it.


Thanks - keep us posted!

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