Playlist Radio option gone on Windows desktop app?

Playlist Radio option gone on Windows desktop app?


In the latest update, did you guys get rid of the playlist radio option for free users on the desktop app also? I know you got rid of it on mobile months ago, but tonight i noticed that when I'm on a playlist and I click the three dots, the "start playlist radio" option is not there anymore. I'm very confused and hope you haven't gotten rid of it on the desktop app also.


I already tried logging out and logging back in and restarting the app. Did not fix the issue. 😞

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I'm having the same confusion and issue. 😞


Hey @WebGremlin and @Raven1111


What version of Windows and Spotify are you running?

You can find your Spotify version by clicking the menu dots and going to Help - About Spotify.


I'm on 1.0.95 on Windows 7 and I see the playlist radio option. I also saw it on 1.0.94


I'd recommend reinstalling Spotify, it could be that the client needs a little refresh 🙂

Restart your PC after uninstalling the client.


Let me know how it goes!

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Hey @Sebasty


I was running Spotify, on Windows 10 pro. I uninstalled, rebooted, and re-installed. The radio options are back. Thanks 🙂

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