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Playlist names are in wrong language

Playlist names are in wrong language



Since 3-4 weeks (or maybe a bit longer) playlist names are displayed in incorrect language.


My preffered language is English (I live in Poland) and at work - where I listed to Spotify the most - I connect to the internet through company VPN located in Denmark.


I don't mind that my new releases or concert locations are from Copenhagen, even though a way to specify my location manually would be nice, but the following bug is driving me crazy - playlists generated by the Spotify are in mixed languages.


E.g. `Genred & Moods` tab is in English - which is the language I choose in `Edit` - `Preferences`


Charts in english (OK)Charts in english (OK)But my playlists are not - some of them are Polish, some of them English, and I thank your coders that at least none of them is in Danish.


Not okNot ok

Expected behaviour is that all names follow the preffered language - in my case English.


edit: great. I might've posted this in wrong sections. I was trying to do a bug report. Could I kindly ask a passing moderator to move this post to bug report section (Ongoing Issues?)

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the same thing is happening to me too! it's really annoying as it's shown in chinese (i live in hong kong) but my mother tongue is english and i don't understand chinese as fluently so it's really annoying.

I tried reporting this as a bug but I was told this is a feature - and it's going to stay.


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