Please restore the ability to copy and paste into specific locations in playlists

Please restore the ability to copy and paste into specific locations in playlists







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As of the latest update to the Spotify desktop client, I am no longer able to use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste songs into particular locations in playlists. This is an essential feature for me that I have been using for years, and I have a hard time understanding why it was removed. The main playlist I use has more than 500 songs in it; previously I was able to paste tracks wherever I wanted within the playlist, but now they all just appear at the end of the playlist, and I have to move tracks by manually dragging them from the end to wherever I want to put them. You can imagine this how frustrating this is when I want to place a track close to the beginning of a playlist with 500+ tracks! Otherwise I don't really mind the new client, but the removal of copying and pasting is a huge headache for me. Thanks for your time.

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Hi there @jackaardvark,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


We're sorry to hear that your experience with the New Desktop app isn't as expected. We encourage you to share your comments in this thread, which is constantly being monitored by the right teams in order to collect all your feedback, as it helps us improve the app. Fixes and features for upcoming updates are also shared there, so you can Subscribe to it to be on top of any news about it.


Once again, thanks for your feedback - we appreciate it.


If you need a hand with anything else, we're always a post away.



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