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Podcast not showing on Library

Podcast not showing on Library

EDIT: Great just saw a post with the same problem...







Macbook Pro

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macOS Mojave

So, since yesterday, under My Library the Podcast option disapeared. I still have the follows on my regular podcasts but I can't access through the right side menu. I still have it on my mobile app and through the browser, but not for the desktop. Any ideas? I already uninstalled and install it again...

Screenshot 2018-12-06 at 21.41.28.png




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Dec 10, noticed it was gone today as well. Not cool

I have the same problem, did a clean reinstall and nothing. Connecting from Canada on Premium.

Spotify-please help 🙂

are you on mac or windows? if you are windows go to the three dots in the upper left hand corner, then go to help > about spotify.  A window should pop up that lets you update (or at least show you what version you are running). It seems like I wasnt running the latest update. I updated from the link in the window that pops up (about spotify), and restarted my computer et voila! see atachment for spotify version number and to see that "podcasts" are back as an option. Cheers,



I should add that I am running windows 10

I am running WIN10 and Spotify version

Seems like you need to update..see my previous post 😉

Hi - I uninstalled and downloaded from spotify website the desktop app, and this is the version I got, once again. How can I get the newer version then? I cannot see an update option in settings or about menus within the app. Many thanks!

Strange, I was having the same issues earlier today. I uninstalled Spotify, downloaded from their website. Once installed, I navigated to the top left hand corner where the three dots are. I went to help, then to about Spotify. I clicked on about Spotify and a new window pops up. In the popup window there was an option to update to the latest version. I clicked on it, it told me I needed to restart my computer. I did and when I reopened the app all was back to normal.

Otherwise, I didn't do anything else. 

Cheers and good luck.


I have the same version as astridep . Unfortunately don't have any option to update for a new version. When I open the About Spotify window this is what it apears:


Screenshot 2018-12-10 at 23.26.18.png


At least they should post a link to download it manually for those who the update are not showing since this is a known question for the support team...*sigh

Podcasts not showeing neither in my Android app nor my desktop app . All my Favourite Podcasts are gone . Even when they show in recently played list , I am unable to play or even see their episodes . Please tell me whats the issue . 

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