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Podcasts: How do I Mark As Played?

Podcasts: How do I Mark As Played?

Apologies if this is a duplicate post, but none of the prior posts seemed to have any answers.


Heard your ad, so I just went to switch over listening to my favorite podcast on Spotify. However, it now shows hundreds of episodes as "unplayed." I don't want to see a giant list, only the ones I haven't actually listened to. I don't see any option to mark them as played.


1. How do I mark an individual episode as "Played" if I listen on another device? 

2. How do I mark several hundred episodes as "Played" so this stop showing up in my lists?


This seems like basic stuff for any podcast player - what am I missing?



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I'd also like to know, I listen to podcasts like JRE and SYSK which have a ton of episodes and i always "skip" to the next one with ~1 min left which leaves it marked as unfinished, but if I could manually use the desktop app to mark it as played that'd be a great help.

No response whatsoever from Spotify yet? This is so basic as to make me
wonder if anybody at Spotify uses their own platform for listening to
podcasts! ☺

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