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Podcasts are not sync between devices

Podcasts are not sync between devices

I have spotify premium and I'm using spotify on three devices: two desctop apps (one on my personal computer, one at work) and mobile app. I've started to listen the podcast, but it is starting to be pretty annoying that the podcasts are not syncing between the devices. I see what I've heard on my personal computer, but those things are not marked as heard on my work computer. And vice versa. Not saying anything about mobile! It's like there is no connection between the devices, but I see there is: playlists are syncing and I can start song on computer and finish it on the mobile. Where is the catch? What am I missing?

6 Replies

I have this same problem too and it is extremely annoying trying to figure out where I left off on another device. It sucks that this hasn't been solved yet.

I am in the same boat. i just upgraded to premium hoping it would solve the problem but it didn't. This can't be a difficult fix. Please get on this ASAP Spotify.

Same issue here between my MacBook and my phone, also have Spotify Premium. Adding this to get Spotify's attention on this problem!!

PS @Spotify this is REALLY REALLY FRUSTRATING!! I'm actively trying to ditch Apple Podcasts, and given my love for Spotify, I was hoping this would be the solution. Now I'm not so sure... Thought I could get over issues with sort order vs. play order, tried to ignore the absence of NPR content, spent tons of time trying to mark old playlists as "listened" (an arduous task on Spotify)... and now this? I mean, come on.

Same problem, I know that Spotify's main content isn't podcasts and I'd assume that most of your subscribers aren't here for them, but it is a very useful feature - but only if it works properly. Please consider fixing or at least let is know if you intend to or not. Thanks.

I have the same issue. Using it on my phone/PC/laptop and it is frustrating.

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