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Google Home Mini Plays Song Radio Only

Google Home Mini Plays Song Radio Only

My google home mini used to work great and when I asked for a song it would play the right one.


All of a sudden now when I ask to play a song i.e."Hey Google, Play thunderstruck by ACDC" it will responed "Ok, playing thunderstruck by ACDC" 


But then it will play a random song which is not correct. 


When I look on my phone it says its playing that song "Based off song radio - thunderstruck"


How can I set it back to pay the right song?

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I am having the same problem as well, although mine is with google Home and on Spotify.



-Google Home purchased two weeks ago

-I have spotify premium

- I tried unlinking/linking spotify

- I unplugged Google Home 

- made sure Spotify app on phone was up to date

- tried multiple different songs, google Home always repeated what song and artist I said, and then proceeded to play something different from corresponding song radio.



Same problem here! Anyone knows How to solve It?


Mine simply stopped doing it after a day. I could not find a solution
anywhere on the internet.

Did you figure out a way to fix this? Can't seem to find a fix anywhere

Hi, my friend
The only solution I found was install the Spotify Premium version 😞

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