Podcasts filter

Podcasts filter

Hi, how can I filter in Desktop app already played podcast and show only new one without clicking on each podcast?
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Hey there @peterkoxxx,

thanks for posting !


I recommend checking out this FAQ's page on podcasts as a first step.


Have a great day 😃

What a useless reply. The FAQ returns nothing after searching for “filter” or “filtering” because - surprise - you guys don’t have that option. 
but your “moderator” response surely obfuscates that. 

very slick, Spotify. 

Hey @Mexhigh,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community. We'll be happy to explain a bit more here.


Just wanted to mention that users like @OneByBoo are not Spotify employees; they are volunteers that help other users on the forum in their free time.


It's true that right now the desktop app doesn't have the option to sort and filter by Unplayed episodes, but that feature is available on mobile.


We can recommend giving a +Vote and subscribing to this and this ideas to get notified when we have news to share on filtering podcasts on desktop.  


Hope this info helps! 

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