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Podcasts will not play

Podcasts will not play

I was listening to a podcast on my phone this morning, walked into work and wanted to continue listening and now, not a single podcast will play on my computer.  I can play songs on my computer, but I cannot play any podcast.  I have logged out of my devices and computer, I have restarted my computer, I have removed the app and reinstalled and still, i cannot listen to any podcast on my computer at this time.  super frustrating to say the least


Win 10 Version: 1.112.449.0


UPDATE:  I disconnected from the wifi on my mobile device, connected my headphones (bluetooth) and it started playing.  I reconnected my headphone to my computer and tried to play there, no dice.  seems to be that the podcasts won't play while connected to wifi, BUT i can play music... doesn't make sense but that is what i have found out


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I'm still experiencing this as well. I've tried the same podcasts on the web version and I have the same results. Mobile seems to work fine. Oddly, only some podcasts are affected: I cannot play any episodes from The Gist or Lovett or Leave it, while I can play any episode from Planet Money and Today Explained.


When I try to play an episode, it will not start and just stay unplayed at the 0:00 marker, then if I attempt to play the episode again (by double clicking on the episode name) it will give me the same error message "Sorry! You can't play this content while connected to another device". 


While I have Spotify on my phone and other devices, I'm 100% sure that no other devices are playing with my account. Again, immediately after I get the "Sorry!" message, I attempt to play a podcast that I mentioned earlier, I have no issues playing it.


Spotify Free - WIN 10 - Spotify Build

I also tried to download the episode on my mobile device (which is connected to wifi) and that is also not working.  I want to finish this podcast and I can't on either my laptop or mobile, BUT, when i switch to my echo dot (which is at home while im at work) it works fine and plays.  I need this fixed for my computer.

The error that I mentioned does seem like it is related to some sort of device issue - as if the Echo Dot is keeping your account/session tied up, preventing you from playing it on other devices.


How Spotify should handle sessions, is when you choose to play on another device, it drops the connection with the Dot/whatever you were listening with previously, but it seems like it isn't dropping correctly.

Maybe check to see if there is a way to stop streaming spotify (like maybe shutting the device off? or giving the command to stop playing). I'd probably see if that fixes your problem.


I don't have a dot or another device that would tie up my account so I'm still stuck.

see the update I posted about being on wifi.  I agree there might be a connection issue where it's not dropping some connection like it should...

Hey, I wanted to pitch in my 2 cents here. Honestly ive been at this two days, and was thiiiissss close to going to pandora. When I found this htread, i tried the whole turning wifi on my phone off, and force stopping the app. That worked until the next time i paused spotify on my pc. Then I started poking around my profile and found a section for apps that have access to my spotify account. I removed one for google clock or something along those lines, and instantly my podcast started playing. I also removed one for messenger. I've now succesfully paused and played the podcast, even with the app open on my phone, and it works perfectly. I think a google plugin is causing spotify to fail to terminate the connection properly. the question is, now whats going to break since i removed that.


Hopefully I can miraculously find a fix for my next issue, which is haveing to disable my laptop speakers in order for the spotify desktop app to output to my bluetooth headphones. Its a lot to go through and disable/enable it for the few hours a night im using the desktop app.

I tried disconnecting from the WiFi like you, and it worked! Thanks for the help, this was super frustrating 

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