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Pressing Repeat Button during an Advertisement locks the button for Songs.

Pressing Repeat Button during an Advertisement locks the button for Songs.


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I wasn't listening to a playlist in which you can shuffle and repeat songs but the recommended songs after the playlist had finished. When listening to the recommended queue, you cannot click the shuffle or repeat buttons (for purposes of the problem, I will say they are 'locked').



During an advertisement, I realised that you are able to press the repeat button so I clicked the button and waited until the end of the ad. When it finished and went onto the next song, the repeat button locked but remained on-repeat. When my song finished, it played again because the repeat button was on even though I couldn't change it.


I waited for the next advertisement and the repeat button unlocked again and I could press it and disable repeat. When the ad finished, the button locked again but no longer on repeat.



Above: During an advert I can press the repeat button.

Below: After the advert the the button is locked but remains on repeat. The song then repeats.


The song constantly repeats and I can't do anything about it.


Try it yourself, just wait for an advert and then enable repeat. You can fix it by playing a playlist or waiting for the next advert. Alternatively you can manually skip the song if this happens.


It seems like a simple fix but is unlikely to happen to most people.


King regards and many thanks,


A Spotify User.

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