Proxy problem logging in

Proxy problem logging in


For the last weeks, I can't log in into my desktop version of Spotify. It says that there is a Firewall blocking Spotify, and to change the proxy settings, and there's nothing I can do to log in. See attached screenshot. I usually use a Macbook, but I have also tried a PC unssucessfully. It's happening in different computers. I can't access it. I am able to log in to the Web Player but there is a lot of functions (like starting a collaborative playlist) that I can-t do on the Web Player. 


I have also tried restarting the system, uninstalling and installing back Spotify and different computers. No way to log in to the desktop version.


Any help, please?  I am really frustrated. 





Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 7.15.14 PM.png
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Hey there!


If your computer is connected to Spotify via a Proxy, there is a couple of things you will need to check before being able to use it.


First, start by making sure that your Windows Firewall (or Mac alternative 'Firewall Advanced Settings) is not blocking the application.


The second stage is to make sure you are using the correct proxy information, double check the Proxy Settings, and make sure this is the information your network administrator has issued you.


The final solution is to check if ports are blocked on the network, Spotify Desktop utilises TCP port 4070 to communicate with the servers on the IP rages below.


From my research these are the main three solutions.


If this fails, I would advise you to contact Spotify Support, which can be done via this page.


I really hope this gets resolved for you!


Have an awesome day!


Hello Alex,


Unfortunately, I couldn't figure it out yet. None of those solutions seem to work or I can't make them work. As I said, I've used it in different devices and it happens in all of them. It seems like an account problem. I will contact Spotify support, thanks. 



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