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Random Song Plays after 1 selected song

Random Song Plays after 1 selected song








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Whenever I play a song or want to listen to an entire album, one song plays, then a random one. Here's an example: I wanted to listen to a Radiohead album. It played the first song on the album, then played a Kanye song after. I've seen other issues/forums pop up about this issue, but none have been fixed. I even talked to a Spotify Associate and they told me to uninstall, delete my cache file, then reinstall. I did that and it fixed it. The issue is, it came back right after. Is there a permanent fix available?

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I have the same problem. 1st song of an album plays then it plays some random song but similar genre, then it plays the 2nd song from the album and the rest of the album plays ok. It happens every time I try to play an album, it's just one random inserted song. Very annoying when it's a song I don't like, or friends think I chose it when it's bad.

This exact same thing is happening to me. I’m going to cancel my subscription because it’s going to make me get into a car wreck if it keeps up.

I have this too. Very annoying...

Bro, I just had the same I think. It all was happening because I had pressed to queue a whole playlist. That's why when it played one song on my playlist and then changed to the next song in the queue, which was a whole playlist with hundreds of songs. So just clear your queue and then press play on the chosen playlist and blast off.

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